A biggest Boo Boo made ! But Thank God everything turns out well :D

Hubby asked if i will write this down in my blog which i promptly replied YES!

It all happened last Saturday 13 June ( hmm unlucky number :P ) ...

We were all ready to drive into Malaysia with my parents.  While the custom officer was checking our passports, he showed mine & told us: "Madam, your passport has expired."  Imagine the shock on all of our faces, esp mine :(  How could this happened?!?!? Hubby also looked in disbelief but indeed, my passport expired last Nov 08.   We were directed to the Customs Office & were advised to go to ICA to request for the Document of Identity (some soft of a temporary passport) inorder to travel.  However, this would be subjected to the Officer-in-charge for approval.  I could see the disappointment in Mingheng's face & with tears started flowing.  He was looking forward to this trip & started counting down the days.  Thank God the Office-in-charge gave her approval without much questioning.  All that was done by 1pm & we happily set off to Tuas checkpoint again.  But alas! we were caught in a terrible jam at Malaysia checkpoint :(  it took us another 3 hours to clear.  Finally, we arrived at our destination GENTING at 9pm.  Well, i considered that early as we thought we'll reached around 10pm-11pm. 

Fortunately, there weren't any crowd on Sunday hence it was a breeze for the family to enjoy all the rides leisurely.  The boys had so much fun esp in the bumper car rides!  They went for countless times :)  Since we spent all our time taking rides on the first day, we decided to do something different on the second day.  It was also a good move as there were more tour groups which arrived and queues seemed longer too.  We spent time shopping, playing at games arcade and went for a magic show DREAMZ at night.  It was a good suggestion by hubby and all of us enjoyed it.  It was an eye-opener for the boys!  They were so impressed & amazed with those tricks performed by the magicians.  A few worth mentioning: separately the body parts & disappearing acts of both humans & the ferocious animals (white lion & tiger) 

We got ready to drive back by 11am and the traffic was pretty smooth :D  Played the CARS movie during our journey to keep the boys entertained.  And in no time, we were back to Singapore at 4.30pm :D

Watched the news at night and found out there was a coach which collided with another car on the way up to Genting!  Thank God for our journey mercy and also, that we werent caught in another traffic jam :)

Can't wait for our next family trip, which hopefully will be this year end on a plane ride to somewhere ..........

A horrifying scene :(

I just have to pen this down to remind myself NEVER TO ATTEMPT JAY WALK :(

What happened to be a groceries shopping turned out to be traumatic ...

Since Mingheng has a last science paper and Ruiheng was a distraction to him at home, i decided to bring him out to do some shopping.

It was closed to 5pm when we headed home. we took the usual path, which at one stage, was to jay walk across the other side of the road.  it was a normal path whereby many people will simply jay walk across since it is a long way to get to the traffic lights.  it was a 2-way traffic.  we were crossing opp direction with this woman who was with another girlfriend (both looks like indonesian to me)  The way she attempted to cross the first time was so dangerous. The taxi was really closed to her and then she suddenly dashed across.  The taxi driver horned so loudly! She managed to escape unscathed and was smiling.  Then i frowned, turned to look at Ruiheng, wanting to tell him it was dangerous to dash across at such a last minute.  The next scene i saw, barely 20 sec apart, she got knocked!  I saw her being sent flying high up and landed on the ground!!!! I screamed so loud and started crying :(  She was standing just so closely to me then...  i stood there and cried for a long while before i managed to cross over to the other side of the road (which i was supposed to initially)  when i reached, i squat down, shivering and cried again.  I know i shouldnt be doing that, esp infront of Ruiheng, but i couldn't help it :(  it was like a scene that i would only see it in the movies but now i witnessed it right infront of my eyes :(  When i finally got up to my feet, i quickly hold Ruiheng and started walking home in a daze.  Ruiheng was such a brave boy. He held my hand and hugged me while i was crying... kept asking : "mummy are you ok??"  There was complete silent as we were walking back when suddenly Ruiheng popped a question: "mummy, do people vomit after being hit?"  I was shocked and asked why he asked. He replied he saw that auntie had something flowing out from her mouth, looked bloodish and a bit whitish.  Without a second thought or explaining anything, i told him to erase all that from his memory.  And i asked him a silly question.... "did the auntie saw u?"  He calmly replied: No.  I know i am becoming a little paranoid here but i just have to find out if she was looking back at him. Upon reaching home Ruiheng related what we witnessed and my 'tap' was turned on again :(... it was just too traumatic for me :(

At that moment when it happened, i uttered a prayer for the victim and thank God for protecting us.  I was thinking the taxi could have swerved and hit us when he tried to avoid her during her first attempt to cross the road.  And i also thank God that i have Ruiheng there with me... without him i don't think i could walk home... he was comforting me all the while.

This has been the 2nd accident that had happened within 2 weeks nearby my house.  The other scene was almost cleared when i walked past and it was unlike this fatal one...seems to be a motorcyclist and a car collided.

It is a very high price to pay for jay walking... I will never never NEVER do that again.  I am constantly praying for that poor victim, that she is still alive... please remember her in your prayers too....
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Singapore Flyer Promotion

Just thought of sharing this....

A very good deal !  2 paying adults are allow to bring 2 kids in for FREE!!  that would be a savings of S$41.30 :)

But act fast though .... as promotion is ending 19 May (next monday)


Pissed Off :(

This electone class which i enrolled RH consists of 11 kids age between 6-10yrs old.  Besides him, my niece and another little gal are the youngest in the class.  At the first lesson, RH managed to get a seat at the front row.  But that was becos he was small and somehow 'squeeze' between those mums who actually 'charged' into the classroom! it's kinda scary but i wasn't able to hold on to RH.  Anyway, was happy that he sat infront kekeke.  

I was unable to bring him for his 2nd lesson but was shocked to hear what had happened from my sister.  She said the mum of the other young gal made a dash and 'chop' the seat with her handbag :(  She was bullying a young kid as RH was already there!  Eventually, he went to sit at the last row instead.  This is not the first time my sister sends her kids to Yamaha class. But she felt this particular group of mums are not cooperative.  Those previous sessions she attended with her older kids, their seats are sorta fixed at the very first lesson.  In other words, the kids will go back to where they sat at the very first lesson.  No hussle and fussle at all.   

On the 3rd lesson which was last Friday, i did not see the usual 'crowd'.  I gathered it could be due to exams, that some of them may decide to miss this lesson and focus on studies.  So RH sat infront again but at a different row.  After the kids settled down, the teacher suggested we should leave the classroom to let them try on their own.  We were outside for less than a minute, then came a mum with her son who looks like a P2 kid to me.  She thought it wasn't the class which her son was supposed to attend.  So i told her it is the same one but all parents were told to come out.  Without even a word of 'thank u', she marched into the classroom and told RH sternly: 'You should go back to your usual seat!'  Can you imagine how mad was i???  How could she, an adult, confront a helpless child??  My son did not do anything wrong in the first place.  That seat was empty when we came.  At this moment I also walked into the classroom.  The teacher explained to her nicely that it is free seating.  But her action kinda insist that RH should go to another seat.  So i told her if that was the case, the gal occupying his usual seat should be moving too.  She was so unhappy and told the teacher : I am not leaving. I am staying put.  At first the teacher was puzzled, then she realised that this mum refused to be outside of the classroom hence allowed her to stay.  

Went to fetch RH after the lessons ended & that mum she was staring at me.  She was so unhappy that she went to complain to the teacher, that her son cannot sit right behind as he cannot concentrate.  How selfish of her!  Only thought of her own son.  Then what about mine?  and the other 2 younger kiddos who have not reached 6 years old yet??  Shouldn't the 3 younger kiddos be placed at the very front row then?  It will not be right of me to make such a request since we are paying the same fees.  However, if the teacher really decides to reserve the seat for that boy this friday, it would be my turn to make noise.  As she definitely should not be given special treatment.  It would be very unfair.

Am i nasty?? hmm dunno how long can i endure such nonsense.  may consider taking him out of this class and enroll him somewhere else if he really show keen interest in learning electone.

(no subject)

Was packing my cupboard and found a stack of old mails.  As i opened it, i realised that it consists some old cards and love letters.  So how old exactly were all those? it was as early as 1994!!!  i must have left it aside till i cleanly forgotten all about it.  All these were not from DH though :P  yup, from other guys...  which among them, i am still in contact with 2 guys.  All of us are happily married now.  But it was interesting to read what they wrote to me previously. And bitter sweet memories came to me.  hmm i ponder for awhile... thought how would life be for me if i had married one of them :P  

Alright, back to reality.  Exam fever over!!!! hooray.  So stress over my son's P2 exams.  With the younger boy going to P1 next year, gosh, i cannot imagine how am i gonna survive :P

Looking forward to weekend!  it's Mother's Day on Sunday yeah :)  

The Truth about Pain

I have always enjoy reading Sumiko Tan's column in Sunday Times.  Do you?  She wrote about the above subject yesterday.  Is physical pain more terrible than mental pain? Whichever is worse, few can run away from either.  And i fully agreed with which she wrote most of the time.

One of the example she cited was about her colleague who went home one day only to discovere her beloved beagle had gone missing.  She later found out from a neighbour that her dog jumped out from the balcony and a thunderstorm that afternoon must have caused him to panic that he died on the spot!  To add insult to tragedy, no one had thought of keeping the dog's body for the owner.  His body was simply thrown into a rubbish chute :(  Her poor colleague did not even have a chance to bid goodbye.  So sad right?  even though i did not have pets, i felt so much for her colleague.  How devastated she must have felt.

Well, yesterday MH experienced pain too! Toothache :(  of cos these are two different type of pain.  This pain he has serves as a signal that it is high time for him to pay a visit to the dentist.  Which he refused to! why?? he is darn worried that the dentist would extract his tooth.  He needs lotsa coaxing.

My gynae & mid wives commented that I have high pain threshold since i managed to deliver my 2 boys without epidural.   I would conclude (for myself) that mental pain is more terrible.  Perhaps I can add on that it is very torturing!  I really can't concentrate on anything once i experienced mental pain.  I am glad that God is always there to help me overcome it  :)  Though i have not been faithful all the time, He never fails me.  Thank You for being there for me.

Wu Shu Presentation

Got an invitation from MH's school to watch his Wushu presentation today.  Was really impressed with him & his friends.  They started learning for merely six weeks and it was very well done!  But it was such a waste that i forgotten to bring along a video camera :(  Especially when he was the only outstanding one being lifted up by 4 of his classmates!  Though daddy captured it in his phone, but the resolution sucks ....  I must make sure i'll remember to bring it when we get invited to watch your violin presentation next time.

To be helpful or not .......

Whenever DH travels, i will take public transport with mh.  Which is good cos i can pick up the free newspapers ie. My Paper & TODAY.  But something happened last week ....

Most of the time i will have mh wait for me at a designated waiting area as i do not want him to rush & squeeze with me into the train station (i am sure you can imagine the morning crowd)  And after i have collected the newspapers, i will meet him there.  Last Tuesday, we did the same, however, he told me something when i went bck to meet him.  He said: 'Mummy, i just did a good deed.' I was puzzled and asked for more details.  He told me an auntie asked him to collect one of the free newspapers as the distribution point is actually quite near to our designated waiting area.  At first, i thought nothing of it.  But as i start thinking further, i begin to worry.  What if the auntie is up to no good and asked him to go further?? of cos that is being the worst scenario, but again, who can guarantee??  So i went home and told him he should not be doing that again.  My dear son told me: 'But she so poor thing leh, why i cannot help her?'  Even though i tried explaining to him, it doesn't seem to get into his brain!?!?  Somehow he doesn't see the danger.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that would not happen again. 

They're Loving It !

Attended the free trial class with rh.  He likes it very much and i must give credits to the teacher.  She is very good at handling young children.  So without any hesitation, i enrolled him and he will start his class officially wef 4 April!  As for mh, he was so excited after his 1st violin class.  Well, i do hope he will carry on this way for as long as possible hehehe.  He played for us immediately when we fetch him after work.  hmm actually it is not as bad as i have imagine.  Of course he still cannot play any tune, but the squeaking sound is still bearable :)  I was telling them jokingly that in the near future, they will be able to play during the church service, esp so for mh, since there aren't any violinist yet!  He looked thrilled and perhaps this will motivate him to concentrate during this lessons.

A new chapter in blogging here!

I have been wondering since i can no longer blog at parentsphere, where shld i start?  Good thing Jessica asked me if i blog in LJ and this gives me an idea.  Why i never thot of it in the first place?  so dumb :P  

Today is the last day of school holidays.  I felt bad for not even taking a single day off to keep my boys company.  But again, sometimes i regretted even more when i really did & the day would turn out to be disastrous with them .... well well .....

Tonight will be attending a trial organ class for 5-yr old Ruiheng.  Whereas for his gor-gor, 8-yr old Mingheng will officially start his violin class next Thursday!  I am very 'excited' hahaha It has always been my wish to learn organ or piano since young.  Since i did not get a chance to do it, i decided to let Ruiheng give it a try.  

Will update more soon ...  in the meantime ... TGIF .... yeah!