serenechee (serenechee) wrote,

They're Loving It !

Attended the free trial class with rh.  He likes it very much and i must give credits to the teacher.  She is very good at handling young children.  So without any hesitation, i enrolled him and he will start his class officially wef 4 April!  As for mh, he was so excited after his 1st violin class.  Well, i do hope he will carry on this way for as long as possible hehehe.  He played for us immediately when we fetch him after work.  hmm actually it is not as bad as i have imagine.  Of course he still cannot play any tune, but the squeaking sound is still bearable :)  I was telling them jokingly that in the near future, they will be able to play during the church service, esp so for mh, since there aren't any violinist yet!  He looked thrilled and perhaps this will motivate him to concentrate during this lessons.

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