serenechee (serenechee) wrote,

The Truth about Pain

I have always enjoy reading Sumiko Tan's column in Sunday Times.  Do you?  She wrote about the above subject yesterday.  Is physical pain more terrible than mental pain? Whichever is worse, few can run away from either.  And i fully agreed with which she wrote most of the time.

One of the example she cited was about her colleague who went home one day only to discovere her beloved beagle had gone missing.  She later found out from a neighbour that her dog jumped out from the balcony and a thunderstorm that afternoon must have caused him to panic that he died on the spot!  To add insult to tragedy, no one had thought of keeping the dog's body for the owner.  His body was simply thrown into a rubbish chute :(  Her poor colleague did not even have a chance to bid goodbye.  So sad right?  even though i did not have pets, i felt so much for her colleague.  How devastated she must have felt.

Well, yesterday MH experienced pain too! Toothache :(  of cos these are two different type of pain.  This pain he has serves as a signal that it is high time for him to pay a visit to the dentist.  Which he refused to! why?? he is darn worried that the dentist would extract his tooth.  He needs lotsa coaxing.

My gynae & mid wives commented that I have high pain threshold since i managed to deliver my 2 boys without epidural.   I would conclude (for myself) that mental pain is more terrible.  Perhaps I can add on that it is very torturing!  I really can't concentrate on anything once i experienced mental pain.  I am glad that God is always there to help me overcome it  :)  Though i have not been faithful all the time, He never fails me.  Thank You for being there for me.
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