serenechee (serenechee) wrote,

Was packing my cupboard and found a stack of old mails.  As i opened it, i realised that it consists some old cards and love letters.  So how old exactly were all those? it was as early as 1994!!!  i must have left it aside till i cleanly forgotten all about it.  All these were not from DH though :P  yup, from other guys...  which among them, i am still in contact with 2 guys.  All of us are happily married now.  But it was interesting to read what they wrote to me previously. And bitter sweet memories came to me.  hmm i ponder for awhile... thought how would life be for me if i had married one of them :P  

Alright, back to reality.  Exam fever over!!!! hooray.  So stress over my son's P2 exams.  With the younger boy going to P1 next year, gosh, i cannot imagine how am i gonna survive :P

Looking forward to weekend!  it's Mother's Day on Sunday yeah :)  

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