serenechee (serenechee) wrote,

Pissed Off :(

This electone class which i enrolled RH consists of 11 kids age between 6-10yrs old.  Besides him, my niece and another little gal are the youngest in the class.  At the first lesson, RH managed to get a seat at the front row.  But that was becos he was small and somehow 'squeeze' between those mums who actually 'charged' into the classroom! it's kinda scary but i wasn't able to hold on to RH.  Anyway, was happy that he sat infront kekeke.  

I was unable to bring him for his 2nd lesson but was shocked to hear what had happened from my sister.  She said the mum of the other young gal made a dash and 'chop' the seat with her handbag :(  She was bullying a young kid as RH was already there!  Eventually, he went to sit at the last row instead.  This is not the first time my sister sends her kids to Yamaha class. But she felt this particular group of mums are not cooperative.  Those previous sessions she attended with her older kids, their seats are sorta fixed at the very first lesson.  In other words, the kids will go back to where they sat at the very first lesson.  No hussle and fussle at all.   

On the 3rd lesson which was last Friday, i did not see the usual 'crowd'.  I gathered it could be due to exams, that some of them may decide to miss this lesson and focus on studies.  So RH sat infront again but at a different row.  After the kids settled down, the teacher suggested we should leave the classroom to let them try on their own.  We were outside for less than a minute, then came a mum with her son who looks like a P2 kid to me.  She thought it wasn't the class which her son was supposed to attend.  So i told her it is the same one but all parents were told to come out.  Without even a word of 'thank u', she marched into the classroom and told RH sternly: 'You should go back to your usual seat!'  Can you imagine how mad was i???  How could she, an adult, confront a helpless child??  My son did not do anything wrong in the first place.  That seat was empty when we came.  At this moment I also walked into the classroom.  The teacher explained to her nicely that it is free seating.  But her action kinda insist that RH should go to another seat.  So i told her if that was the case, the gal occupying his usual seat should be moving too.  She was so unhappy and told the teacher : I am not leaving. I am staying put.  At first the teacher was puzzled, then she realised that this mum refused to be outside of the classroom hence allowed her to stay.  

Went to fetch RH after the lessons ended & that mum she was staring at me.  She was so unhappy that she went to complain to the teacher, that her son cannot sit right behind as he cannot concentrate.  How selfish of her!  Only thought of her own son.  Then what about mine?  and the other 2 younger kiddos who have not reached 6 years old yet??  Shouldn't the 3 younger kiddos be placed at the very front row then?  It will not be right of me to make such a request since we are paying the same fees.  However, if the teacher really decides to reserve the seat for that boy this friday, it would be my turn to make noise.  As she definitely should not be given special treatment.  It would be very unfair.

Am i nasty?? hmm dunno how long can i endure such nonsense.  may consider taking him out of this class and enroll him somewhere else if he really show keen interest in learning electone.

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