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A horrifying scene :(

I just have to pen this down to remind myself NEVER TO ATTEMPT JAY WALK :(

What happened to be a groceries shopping turned out to be traumatic ...

Since Mingheng has a last science paper and Ruiheng was a distraction to him at home, i decided to bring him out to do some shopping.

It was closed to 5pm when we headed home. we took the usual path, which at one stage, was to jay walk across the other side of the road.  it was a normal path whereby many people will simply jay walk across since it is a long way to get to the traffic lights.  it was a 2-way traffic.  we were crossing opp direction with this woman who was with another girlfriend (both looks like indonesian to me)  The way she attempted to cross the first time was so dangerous. The taxi was really closed to her and then she suddenly dashed across.  The taxi driver horned so loudly! She managed to escape unscathed and was smiling.  Then i frowned, turned to look at Ruiheng, wanting to tell him it was dangerous to dash across at such a last minute.  The next scene i saw, barely 20 sec apart, she got knocked!  I saw her being sent flying high up and landed on the ground!!!! I screamed so loud and started crying :(  She was standing just so closely to me then...  i stood there and cried for a long while before i managed to cross over to the other side of the road (which i was supposed to initially)  when i reached, i squat down, shivering and cried again.  I know i shouldnt be doing that, esp infront of Ruiheng, but i couldn't help it :(  it was like a scene that i would only see it in the movies but now i witnessed it right infront of my eyes :(  When i finally got up to my feet, i quickly hold Ruiheng and started walking home in a daze.  Ruiheng was such a brave boy. He held my hand and hugged me while i was crying... kept asking : "mummy are you ok??"  There was complete silent as we were walking back when suddenly Ruiheng popped a question: "mummy, do people vomit after being hit?"  I was shocked and asked why he asked. He replied he saw that auntie had something flowing out from her mouth, looked bloodish and a bit whitish.  Without a second thought or explaining anything, i told him to erase all that from his memory.  And i asked him a silly question.... "did the auntie saw u?"  He calmly replied: No.  I know i am becoming a little paranoid here but i just have to find out if she was looking back at him. Upon reaching home Ruiheng related what we witnessed and my 'tap' was turned on again :(... it was just too traumatic for me :(

At that moment when it happened, i uttered a prayer for the victim and thank God for protecting us.  I was thinking the taxi could have swerved and hit us when he tried to avoid her during her first attempt to cross the road.  And i also thank God that i have Ruiheng there with me... without him i don't think i could walk home... he was comforting me all the while.

This has been the 2nd accident that had happened within 2 weeks nearby my house.  The other scene was almost cleared when i walked past and it was unlike this fatal one...seems to be a motorcyclist and a car collided.

It is a very high price to pay for jay walking... I will never never NEVER do that again.  I am constantly praying for that poor victim, that she is still alive... please remember her in your prayers too....
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