serenechee (serenechee) wrote,

A biggest Boo Boo made ! But Thank God everything turns out well :D

Hubby asked if i will write this down in my blog which i promptly replied YES!

It all happened last Saturday 13 June ( hmm unlucky number :P ) ...

We were all ready to drive into Malaysia with my parents.  While the custom officer was checking our passports, he showed mine & told us: "Madam, your passport has expired."  Imagine the shock on all of our faces, esp mine :(  How could this happened?!?!? Hubby also looked in disbelief but indeed, my passport expired last Nov 08.   We were directed to the Customs Office & were advised to go to ICA to request for the Document of Identity (some soft of a temporary passport) inorder to travel.  However, this would be subjected to the Officer-in-charge for approval.  I could see the disappointment in Mingheng's face & with tears started flowing.  He was looking forward to this trip & started counting down the days.  Thank God the Office-in-charge gave her approval without much questioning.  All that was done by 1pm & we happily set off to Tuas checkpoint again.  But alas! we were caught in a terrible jam at Malaysia checkpoint :(  it took us another 3 hours to clear.  Finally, we arrived at our destination GENTING at 9pm.  Well, i considered that early as we thought we'll reached around 10pm-11pm. 

Fortunately, there weren't any crowd on Sunday hence it was a breeze for the family to enjoy all the rides leisurely.  The boys had so much fun esp in the bumper car rides!  They went for countless times :)  Since we spent all our time taking rides on the first day, we decided to do something different on the second day.  It was also a good move as there were more tour groups which arrived and queues seemed longer too.  We spent time shopping, playing at games arcade and went for a magic show DREAMZ at night.  It was a good suggestion by hubby and all of us enjoyed it.  It was an eye-opener for the boys!  They were so impressed & amazed with those tricks performed by the magicians.  A few worth mentioning: separately the body parts & disappearing acts of both humans & the ferocious animals (white lion & tiger) 

We got ready to drive back by 11am and the traffic was pretty smooth :D  Played the CARS movie during our journey to keep the boys entertained.  And in no time, we were back to Singapore at 4.30pm :D

Watched the news at night and found out there was a coach which collided with another car on the way up to Genting!  Thank God for our journey mercy and also, that we werent caught in another traffic jam :)

Can't wait for our next family trip, which hopefully will be this year end on a plane ride to somewhere ..........
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