serenechee (serenechee) wrote,

A new chapter in blogging here!

I have been wondering since i can no longer blog at parentsphere, where shld i start?  Good thing Jessica asked me if i blog in LJ and this gives me an idea.  Why i never thot of it in the first place?  so dumb :P  

Today is the last day of school holidays.  I felt bad for not even taking a single day off to keep my boys company.  But again, sometimes i regretted even more when i really did & the day would turn out to be disastrous with them .... well well .....

Tonight will be attending a trial organ class for 5-yr old Ruiheng.  Whereas for his gor-gor, 8-yr old Mingheng will officially start his violin class next Thursday!  I am very 'excited' hahaha It has always been my wish to learn organ or piano since young.  Since i did not get a chance to do it, i decided to let Ruiheng give it a try.  

Will update more soon ...  in the meantime ... TGIF .... yeah!

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